hiatus, oops.

um, so i broke the hiatus. and i did so knowingly. i feel like this is my confessional booth.

i’ve picked up jogging as a healthy habit, and try to go three or four times a week now that the weather is nice. i thought about cycling home from my new job in may, and while i like this idea, i also think that it’s just the right distance (5.2km) for a jog as well.

i convinced myself that i had to practice yesterday. except i realized that there was a dilemma at stake: what the heck was i to do with my stuff!?

armed with a small mesh grocery bag that had jogging pants, a notebook, pencil case, water bottle and my wallet, i made my way over to mec [mountain equipment co-op], which is basically a mecca for athletic and outdoor gear.

15$ later, i had this gorgeous little backpack, which is far better reviewed than many of its counterparts.

it did the job quite well! it has a chest strap and waist strap that stay cinched as i ran, and my water bottle didn’t fall out of the side pocket.

i broke the hiatus, and i do feel guilty. but, i also ran my best time yet.


One thought on “hiatus, oops.

  1. That’s a tough one! You wouldn’t have been able to find something that specific used and if it gets you to run home from work, that’s great.

    I really, really wish I could jog to and from work (or at least walk). I’m close enough, but there’s no good route and running under a freeway (and across the entrance + offramp without stop signs) just makes me too nervous. I wish we had accessible side streets.

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