c’est cheese.

drunken goat + rhubarb

one cheese per month. that was the deal. this is how i’m tracking it.

february: drunken goat. or cabra al vino. goat’s cheese soaked in red wine for 24 hours, comes from murcia, spain. aged forty-five days. a really good way to start this project. i’m drooling now just thinking about it. i would pretty much just eat this stuff plain, given the chance. or with bread and rhubarb jam, as above.

march: pecorino romano sheep’s milk, from italy. it was really yummy and rather sharp. a winner.

april: smoked gouda. coming from holland. or the netherlands. or both. really smokey. hard. yummy. i put this in latkes one afternoon and it was ridiculous.

may: oka. for raclette (basically, a kick-ass grill). stinky and creamy and perfect on potatoes, or bread.

june: cape vessey (goat) from fifth town. there was one piece left at the deli, and it looked so lonely. so, i ate it for lunch with some salad. it was pretty good, but man the rind was stinky.

july and august, i forgot about you. i’m sure that i tried new cheeses. but, i know i can’t tell you which, or when , or how. that’s how the summer goes.

september: gruyere grotto – aged in a cave. yum, yum. if you like swiss, this is where it’s at

october: tilsit – a german stinky cheese. i had tried it, unknowningly before, and tried it again with friends, for raclette. when i lived in germany, we called it stinkkäse (stink cheese) and with good reason. cold, it’s pungent. served warm or melty, it’s comforting.


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