jam, sweet.

yesterday, when i started to blog about jam, i was really in a jam and toast mood. jamie was wondering about what other things could jam be used for. she wasn’t wondering that here, but it made me wonder.

tonight, i had a wee bit of ice cream (like, maybe a quarter of a cup). it was strawberry. we have rhubarb jam. so, there was eating of strawberry-rhubarb ice cream by way of the jam. and it wasn’t too sweet, either.

when i lived in germany, i used to put jam in my plain yogurt. they also put honey and molasses, but jam was always my favourite. usually it was strawberry, although fig jam. oh, fig jam, i cannot say enough about it. or about yogurt and jam.

i hope this weekend is full of jam, but not too sweet.

[image via swissmiss]


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