leftovers, food redux.

on wednesdays, i play ultimate and on thursdays, it’s the husband’s turn. nine times out of ten, that means i eat dinner alone on thursdays (for some reason, we manage to eat together on wednesdays).

this has resulted in a variety of dinners, usually things that the husband doesn’t like.

i planned on making mac n cheese, and so i went to my favourite cheese store after going to the gym. it might have been a bit snowy.

the cheese store had a few things up its sleeve. there was the obvious brie, which turned out to be the worst of my decisions (it was very heavy in its ammonia scent). there was something called drunken goat, which rachel blogged about on the weekend. and there was bonne maman jam. i have never had bonne maman jam. i knew it came in many flavours, but the cheese store had rhubarb jam.

i grew up on stewed rhubarb and toast in the summer. i didn’t think twice as i picked up a jar, knowing that i was the only one in the house who eats jam.

this post isn’t just about jam. it’s about the most amazing dinner i’ve had, made of jam, cheese, and whatever i had in my fridge.

i figured, on the way home, that we had eggs. there would be soft-boiled eggs and toast. when i got home, i found there were no eggs. (husband used them to make fresh pasta). i thought, okay, we must have pasta. no pasta (see previous comment about use of eggs).


given the blizzard outside, i wasn’t about to venture back out for either eggs nor pasta. even if i had chickens in the backyard, it wasn’t happening.

i pulled out some of the lentils from the fridge, a head of lettuce (that was amazingly still fresh), a tomato, a lemon and i went to work.

lentils, redux.

the lettuce and tomatoes made a salad, on which i put about a half cup of lentils. i dressed it with 2 tsp olive oil, the juice of a half lemon, and liberal amounts of smoked sea salt and pepper. i also had two pieces of toast with rhubarb jam (omg) and a good piece of the drunken goat cheese.

who says leftovers have to come in the form of stew?


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