weather, under.

like mouse, i have found myself terribly under the weather. i’m chalking it up to some lobster and crab i had on saturday. it was fabulous at the time. however, i suspect that the waters they came from were less than clean, resulting in the yuckity norovirus.

also, like mouse, when i tell people that i’ve felt nauseous, this has resulted in much winking and then grimicing on my part. let’s just say that i’m forever thankful that i got married young. in part because it means we can wait a few years before parenthood. and then it’ll be an actual surprise!

i would love to fill you all in on my weekend and all of its glory. but most of that glory (sunday and monday, at least) involved lying in three different positions on our couch, sipping diluted ginger ale, diluted juice and eating dry toast. oh, and baking a most ridiculous birthday cake. more on that later.

ps. in searching for pictures of vintage canada dry posters, i found out that in japan, you can buy ginger ale flavoured kit kat. what the what?

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