pouch, kangaroo.

in light of recent travel developments, it has come to my attention that a pouch of some sort might be useful. namely for things that would otherwise fall into the nether regions of my bag, that i might need to have at the ready. things such as passports. boarding passes. bobbypins. other little things that might get lost in the shuffle.

i am, however, horribly indecisive. i found this really adorable pouch a few weeks ago, and i keep returning to it. but i can’t help but wonder if it’s too cottage-country for me. the alternative: this. bright and fun. definitely more difficult to lose. less conspicuous, however.



the two are very, very different. perhaps, i should just tell myself that there is plenty of time to decide, because there is. and then, i should get back to the study of governmentality in the canadian government. yep.

ETA: i opted for the first one. it will havea bit more space to it. i also decided it would be good for jewelry.


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