Saying hello.

Hi! You want to know who I am, that’s why you’re here, right? I’m still figuring that one out myself, which I guess is part of why I’m here.

I write about things that engage me. For a long time, this blog was mostly all about food. And then I got tired of writing about food. And now I’m writing about other things, but also food.

Do you follow?

There are recipes, ramblings and the occasional pretty picture. There are stories of my beloved, my dog (my beloved and my dog are not the same). There will be rants and raves, because I’m passionate (and mostly well-informed) about a lot of thing that end in -ism: Urbanism,  feminism, and classism to name a few.

I sincerely hope you find something enjoyable in them.

I can be reached on Twitter in  140 characters or less or by email, the old-fashioned way.