friday (thankful) food links.

by kaitlin


i’m changing it up this week and instead of a handful of delicious treats and food news, i’m sharing with you food links that make me thankful and why.

lynne, at the twisted chef, for reminding me of all the amazing things one can put in cookies, cakes and pies.
rachel, at heart of light, who knows the true power of hot sauce.
mouse, who does not take herself too seriously when it comes to food. or tea. (except pecan pie.)
marysol, of edgar, of she eats bears. edgar is changing the way i think about food. putting the passion first.

image mine, but i should thank deb for the abilty to make a stack of oreos.

ps. the husband and i are off to montreal tomorrow. if you have thoughts on where we should go and what we should do, please add them in the comments.

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