poutine crawl.

by kaitlin

on friday, i mentioned that i was going to be heading to a poutine crawl to raise money for cancer. more specifically, to raise money for isabelle, who is riding her bike from vancouver to texas, to raise $10 000 for cancer research. isabelle had the help of don and jenn, and the wonderful paola of c’est bon cooking.

honestly, i’m just glad i wasn’t eating poutine to raise heart & stroke awareness.

we visited seven places in the market neighbourhood,  some breakfast-y, some unique, and one that made me want to reside on its patio for the rest of summer. (thank you, chef mitton!)*

my favourites were undeniably murray street and island flava. island flava is this little family place on dalhousie, and not only do they do poutine well, but they do a jerk chicken poutine that will make your eyes water, just a little bit.

props to everyone who was involved!

*to be honest, the purpose of my blog isn’t to review restaurants. for that, you can find me at ottawa foodies. however, i have to say that one of the kindest experiences that i’ve received in ottawa was in speaking with chef steve mitton, however briefly. he might be one of the most genuine people in the food industry whom i’ve met. i am truly looking forward to spending more time at his murray street.

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